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U-Turn Outreach

      An affiliate of PCSC, U-Turn Community Outreach stands on a foundation of Christ-Unity, where Christians and community come together to work for good.  As Putnam County's community outreach for drug and alcohol addiction problems, U-Turn has garnered the support of city, county, and state officials.  

      Everyone is affected in some way or another.  Maybe you have a friend, co-worker, or family

member who is suffering from an addiction, or maybe it's you.  U-Turn addresses drug and alcohol prevention & awareness, and offers referrals & help... and most of all, hope for those in need.  Our Community Outreach connects people in need with people who want to help, through financial assistance, referrals, and education.  In addition to crisis assistance, the ministry also connects trained volunteer mentors with people who are committed to making difficult life changes to improve their lives. 


      If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, please contact us at 386-328-0764 or 386-937-5597 or visit  Thank you.

​Can We Assist You?   386-328-0984
I have found that
among its other benefits,
Liberates the Soul
of the Giver.
-- Maya Angelou

The Heart of Putnam
Palatka Christian Service Center is a certified partner with the United Way of St Johns County providing services for
Putnam County

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