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Rhema Ministries

      Rhema Healing and Deliverance Missionary, Inc, a partner affiliate of PCSC, is a church reaching out, from the pews out into the community.  Rhema takes the church beyond the four walls, seeking out the hurt, broken, lost and shut-in, to empower them with hope, joy and direction. 


      Some of the services the outreach ministry provides are nursing home visits, feeding the hungry, door-to-door prayer, back-to-school giveaways, spiritual counseling, and community events.

      The goal of Rhema's Youth Ministry is the spiritual development of our youth (ages kindergarten to high school).  They provide a variety of creative materials, such as arts and crafts, story time, and other fun activities to deliver God's truth.  Our youth are also hands-on in our outreach ministry and serving the community.

      Through Rhema's Ministry of the Arts, the focus is on providing a creative perspective of God's word through dance, music and dramatizations.  The programs offered involve all age groups, with practice sessions for Youth Choir, an Adult Dance Team, and Youth Dance Teams for boys and girls.

      If you would like additional information, please contact us 386-336-1073 or, or visit  Thank you.

​Can We Assist You?   386-328-0984
I have found that
among its other benefits,
Liberates the Soul
of the Giver.
-- Maya Angelou

The Heart of Putnam
Palatka Christian Service Center is a certified partner with the United Way of St Johns County providing services for
Putnam County

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